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King Khaled University Hospital raises shields

Saudi's King Khaled University completes the installation of a new network infrastructure using shielded cables from R&M.

R&M's shielded network cables are protected from electromagnetic interference.
R&M's shielded network cables are protected from electromagnetic interference.

Saudi health care provider King Khaled University Hospital (KKUH) has announced the completion of its new network infrastructure using cabling technology from Swiss firm R&M.

The healthcare environment poses particular challenges for cabling providers, with the high levels of electromagnetic interference from hospital equipment including x-ray machines having the potential to affect data transfer speeds. For this implementation, KKUH used R&M's Cat 6A shielded twisted pair cabling products which features 360-degree shielding against both electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and is also expandable to future faster transmission speeds.

Aamir Mohamed IT Manager, KKUH confirmed that the implementation completed on time with the help of R&M's local partners: "Network requirements for a hospital environment are quite unique.  R&M was the only vendor that offered the high quality end to end shielded cabling solution we sought to handle complex operations in a hospital while safeguarding against the effects from our medical imaging equipment and machinery. Now, post implementation, KKUH has in place a trouble free high performance network scalable for future applications."

Fazal Sait, R&M's country sales manager for the Kingdom also commented: "R&M is very pleased to have provided KKUH an end to end network solution to meet the rigorous requirements of a hospital environment.  Our ability to offer high quality zero defect components, modular design as well as certified implementation support were certainly determining factors."