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Oracle unveils Business Intelligence 11g

Latest version of Oracle's BI application includes advanced reporting, easier access and Action Framework

The new version of BI 11g is fully integrated with other Oracle applications.
The new version of BI 11g is fully integrated with other Oracle applications.

Oracle has unveiled the latest version of its Business Intelligence application, Oracle Business Intelligence 11g.

The latest version of the application includes a number of new features to provide better integration and business analysis to a wider set of users, and enable companies to act on the data more efficiently.

The solution includes a new Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management application, which is fully integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g to track metrics and key performance indicators. 11g includes new forms of interactive reporting and charting, including map visualizations, to provide new types of reporting, and to create reports that are tailored to the type of user, to give more access to business data across the enterprise. 11g also includes integration with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, which opens up new ways to access data.

To allow users to act on business intelligence, Oracle has added an Action Framework feature, which extends to a range of different environments, including mobile, and allows users to automatically initiate business processes, to react to the BI reports they can access.

11g is the first solution that unifies Relational OLAP (R-OLAP), Multidimensional OLAP (M-OLAP) and enterprise reporting on a common technology, and also includes better integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and other Fusion Middleware products. Oracle is also promoting 11g's capabilities to integrate with non-Oracle applications, including SAP, and the number of pre-built reports and dashboards available with the system to allow companies to quickly set up reports, whatever their underlying applications.

"Oracle Business Intelligence 11g delivers the complete spectrum of business intelligence capabilities, spanning enterprise reporting, scorecards, dashboards, ad hoc queries, OLAP analysis, search, and actionable collaboration on an integrated technology foundation," said Paul Rodwick, vice product of Product Management, Oracle Business Intelligence.  "The new release is easy to implement for departmental needs, and scales to provide unrivaled performance and scalability for the largest and most demanding enterprise deployments.

"Oracle has been on an arc of business intelligence for quite a long time, and the 10g product of Oracle BI has been very well accepted in the market place. The acquisition of Hyperion three years ago to form the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management system clearly was an industry leading move that caused others to react and make subsequent acquisitions, so Oracle has been very much the fastest and farthest along in integrating these technologies into something that is really quite usable," he added.