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Samsung confident of healthy Galaxy S sales in UAE

200,000 units of the Android smartphone have been sold in South Korea in less than two weeks

Samsung's Galaxy S is now available in stores across the UAE.
Samsung's Galaxy S is now available in stores across the UAE.

Samsung is confident that its Android-powered Galaxy S smartphone will enjoy ‘healthy' sales in the United Arab Emirates, despite the fact that customers in the country won't be able to make the most of Google's application store - Android Market - as it still has not been launched here.

Samsung is sympathetic but says there's little they can do since the decision isn't in their hands.

"In other GCC countries, the Android market is available and, as soon as it's made available here in the UAE, we'll switch. Unfortunately, it's not our decision but it's something we'll keep pushing for," Sandeep Saighal, general manager of mobile phones at Samsung Gulf Electronics, told ITP.net recently.

"Internationally, the Galaxy S has already seen impressive sales since its launch in key markets, and we are confident we will see healthy sales of the Android-powered device in the UAE market too. Through the launch of the Galaxy S, we hope for increased market share in the ever-lucrative smartphone sector," Saighal added in a company statement.

The Galaxy S  which costs AED 2,999 for the 16GB model, went on sale in the UAE two days ago.

The firm claims 200,000 units have already been sold in South Korea  since its June 24th launch.

Galaxy S boasts a number of standout features including a 4" Super AMOLED display, HD video recording capability, augmented reality and a wireless tethering application that turns the phone into a wireless modem so you can use it to connect your laptop to the web via 3G. It also features a new text input method called Swype that sees users slide their finger across letters with predictive text displayed, making text messaging faster and easier.

Saighal believes the new Galaxy S along with the Wave smartphone - the first handset released on the company's own open mobile bada platform, will help drive their MENA mobile phone market share from 17% to more than 25% this year.