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Du to slash fixed broadband tariffs

UAE’s second operator to ramp-up broadband speeds at no additional cost from August 1

Du has thrown down the gauntlet to Etisalat with its revised fixed internet tariffs.
Du has thrown down the gauntlet to Etisalat with its revised fixed internet tariffs.

UAE telco Du said it plans to "trigger the transformation" of the country's broadband market by increasing its fixed broadband speeds by up to 16 times at no additional cost.

Under the new scheme, which is billed as 'Real Broadband for All', Du will offer residential customers a fixed line connection and an 8Mbps internet connection - which was previously only 1Mbps - for AED199 ($54.2) per month, from August 15.

For AED259 and AED349 per month, customers can benefit from broadband speeds of 16Mps and 24Mbps respectively, along with landline services.

Meanwhile, triple play services comprising fixed line, 8Mbps internet and TV will be available at a cost of AED249 per month, also from August 1.

Business users will benefit from similar increases in broadband speed, but from the earlier date of August 1.

The tariffs offer a significant discount compared with the dual and triple play packages offer by the UAE's incumbent operator Etisalat, which charges AED249 for a fixed line with 1Mbps internet connection, rising to AED359 for a 16Mbps connection.

Etisalat's triple play packages are also significantly more expensive than Du's, at AED299 for a package comprising fixed line, TV and a 1Mbps internet connection, or AED339 for triple play with 8Mbps internet.

Farid Faraidooni, chief commercial officer, Du, said that the new speeds were not only among the "best in the region" but were also "as competitive as in some of the more developed markets in Europe."

"We have announced a broadband proposition that has [...] set a regional benchmark in terms of broadband prices and value provided.

"Real Broadband for All is now set to trigger the transformation of the UAE broadband market," he said.

He added that the increased speeds had been made possible following the investment Du made in its fibre optic network during the past few years, including $100 million  it invested in its core IP packet last year.

"We upgraded that [core IP packet] to support a 40 Gig capacity and that basically makes it ready for what we announced today," Faraidooni said.

"That is one of the most advanced technologies and capacities not only in the region, but worldwide. We completed that upgrade towards the end of last year, and I believe we are now fully ready to offer such speeds at such prices."