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Friendi officially launches Jordan MVNO

Friendi begins full operation of MVNO service in Jordan

Vinter says the Jordan launch will be an important step in Friendi's regional plans.
Vinter says the Jordan launch will be an important step in Friendi's regional plans.

MVNO provider Friendi has officially launched its services in Jordan.

The company had begun a soft launch earlier in the month, but has now begun full commercial operations.

Friendi says it is targeting the Jordanian market with innovative services and attractive pricing, and will look particularly to creating services for Jordanians to stay in touch with family and friends living outside of the country.

Welcome packs for Friendi service are now available at retailers across Jordan, and the company says it has established a customer service team which will be able to provide service and support in six languages.

Jordan is the second country where Friendi has launched MVNO operations, following on from Oman, where the company has gained around 4% market share since launch in Q2 2009.

FRiENDi mobile welcome packs are now available in hundreds of shops across Jordan and a dedicated in-house customer service team is ready to serve customers in six languages which is a first in the Jordanian market

Mikkel Vinter, CEO of Friendi GROUP said: "The Jordan launch is an important milestone in our group's plans for further development in the region. We have worked diligently on the Jordan launch, and FRiENDi GROUP is very grateful for the support from the Jordanian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, as well as our operator partner Zain Jordan. We are honoured to have been given the opportunity to launch as the first MVNO in Jordan and everyone in FRiENDi GROUP is looking forward to bringing our friendly, customer focused and multi-cultural mobile services to Jordanian customers."