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VIDEO: Microsoft Tag

Some amazing implementations of Microsoft Tag mobile barcoding technology

After eighteen months of testing the mobile barcoding technology Microsoft Tag is finally out of beta.

A Microsoft Tag is a new type of barcode, optimized for reading on mobile phones, with symbols that can form trillions of combinations. When a consumer downloads the Microsoft Tag application and then snaps a picture of a Tag, the application performs an action, such as opening a Web browser and taking the consumer to a URL or dialing a phone number.

Consumers can receive multimedia information, discount coupons, purchase options—virtually any consumer marketing or sales activity.

According to Microsoft, this technology has been used in a handful of magazines already, including Conde Nast titles Golf Digest and Lucky. Here in the Middle East, the June 1st issue of Abu Dhabi Tempo, published by UAE-based marketing agency BrandMoxie, will incorporate Microsoft Tag technology.

Click on the 'video' tab above for a quick look at some amazing implementations of Microsoft Tag.