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Take the ACN trend survey 2010

ACN's Trend Survey 2010 aims to find out how enterprises are prioritising spending over the remainder of the year and how their infrastructure plans are shaping up.

ACN's 2010 Trend Survey is designed what enterprises are planning for this year.
ACN's 2010 Trend Survey is designed what enterprises are planning for this year.

For regional enterprises, clarity is now their most valuable asset.

After years of spending freely and implementing projects in an effort to keep up with the rapid growth of business, the global financial crisis is now for many, a vital opportunity to slow down and take stock of their situation.

And for many enterprises, it can certainly be classified as a situation. Budget pressures from the boardroom have to contend with project demands from the business, with the CIO sandwiched in the middle trying to decide the best way forward.

For the individual who is tasked with managing both infrastructure and IT strategy, there are a bewildering array of choices to be made, all of which having the potential to significantly affect the IT bottom line. From virtualisation, to applications, to outsourcing, to cloud computing, to managed services - these are no longer easy decisions for IT management

To help, we've launched the ACN IT Trend Survey 2010. It's our gateway into the mind of the Middle Eastern CIO: we want to know what you're planning for 2010 and how you intend to address those budget pressures. If you're looking at your datacentre - with little doubt, the heart of modern business infrastructure - with an eye to improving efficiency and cutting overall consumption, we want to know. If you're running short of resources within your team, but are having trouble finding the right kinds of skillset - we want to know. If you're thinking about taking the plunge into cloud computing or switching to a managed services model - we want to know.

To take the 2010 IT Trend Survey, click here.