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Galaxy unleashes customised GTX 470

The Galaxy's non-standard cooler offers improved cooling performance and lower operating noise than nVidia's reference cooler

With the launch of its GeForce GTX 470 GC graphics card Galaxy claims to have unleashed the world's first non-reference design GTX 470 card.

The key difference between the GTX 470 GC and reference design GTX 470 cards is that the former packs a custom cooling solution. Galaxy claims its solution offers a number of benefits such as better cooling and lower noise levels.  The company ships the card with a factory-overclocked 625MHz core. Standard GTX 470 cards operate at a frequency of 607MHz by comparison.

Galaxy says the cooling system also features the industry's first "lift fan" design, which allows the owner to clean the fan quickly and easily. Galaxy recommends cleaning the fan periodically in an effort to prolong the product's lifespan and maintain cooling performance.

The GTX 470 packs 448 CUDA cores, support for Microsoft's DirectX 11 rendering technology and packs dual DVI connectors and a Mini-HDMI port. The graphics card also ships with ‘Xtreme Tuner HD' which allows the user to adjust the core voltage of the Fermi GPU, maintain overclock profiles, adjust fan speed, features an in-game OSD, allows the user to flash the card's BIOS and update drivers and packs multi-GPU support.

Galaxy has also customised the graphics card's PCB, shortening it by half an inch compared to nVidia's reference GTX 470 card length of 9.5-inches. Galaxy says the slightly shorter length will allow the card to fit in most computer cases.