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Alcatel-Lucent tests 300Mbps DSL tech

Technology could allow copper lines to complement 4G networks for last-mile access.

DSL "Phantom" technology could breath new life into legacy copper networks.
DSL "Phantom" technology could breath new life into legacy copper networks.

Telecom vendor Alcatel-Lucent has tested a technology that allows transmission speeds of up to 300Mbps over digital subscriber lines (DSL).

Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, achieved downstream transmission speeds of 300Mbps over distances up to 400 metres, using a technology dubbed as "DSL Phantom Mode".

DSL Phantom Mode involves the creation of a virtual or "phantom" channel that supplements the two physical wires that are the standard configuration for copper transmission lines.

Bell Labs said the 300Mbps speeds were achieved by building on existing analogue "phantom mode" technology combined with industry-standard techniques including vectoring, which eliminates interference between copper wires, and bonding, which allows for the aggregation of individual copper lines.

The vendor said it was hopeful that the technology could allow existing copper infrastructure to satisfy demand for bandwidth-intense residential triple-play and business services in the coming years.

Kamalini Ganguly, an analyst at research organisation Ovum, said that the technology had the potential to "reshape the whole next-generation broadband competitive environment" by opening up new business opportunities for traditional DSL players.

Alcatel-Lucent added that it was conducting research to refine deployment models and determine a specific set of customer premises equipment models compatible with the DSL Phantom Mode technology.