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How green is your enterprise?

ACN's first Green IT survey gauges the real level of regional enterprise interest in environmentally-friendly technology.

Data centres, Business applications

In the current economic climate, CIOs are increasingly being pushed to rationalise their IT budgets along cost lines - so risky projects are out and safe bet infrastructure expansion has taken their place. Many say that environmental concerns have been pushed to the sidelines - but is that really the case?

In fact, it's clear that in many ways, "green" technology holds the secret to keeping your costs down. From cutting power consumption through consolidation of your datacentre through virtualisation, to reducing paper usage, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that companies can both help their bottom line and help the environment at the same time.

To find out if enterprises in the Middle East are taking this message seriously, we've launched our first green IT survey, the results of which will be showcased in a special supplement in ACN. We're looking to discover just how interested companies really are in green technologies and what kinds of systems fit the bill - and all you need to do to help is fill out a short online survey.

The results will give us and the enterprise community at large a clearer picture of green IT initiatives in the region and whether vendors are up to the mark - or falling short.

To take the survey please click here.