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Facebook may share user details with partner sites

Company says move will offer a ‘more personalised experience’

Facebook has revised their Privacy Policy to make way for new products.
Facebook has revised their Privacy Policy to make way for new products.

Facebook's updated privacy policy states that personal details of its over 400 million users could be shared with select sites that have been ‘pre-approved'.

Third-party applications are known to require a "small set of basic information" about users in order to provide a more relevant experience, but Facebook says it could also be shared with certain partner sites by default.

The information shared includes your name and friends' names, profile pictures, gender, connections, and any content shared using the ‘Everyone' privacy setting.

"We may also make information about the location of your computer or access device and your age available to applications and websites in order to help them implement appropriate security measures and control the distribution of age-appropriate content. If the application or website wants to access any other data, it will have to ask for your permission," the updated Facebook Site Governance: Privacy Policy document explains.

In a company blog post dated March 26th, deputy general counsel for Facebook Michael Richter, added that they were working with sites that have been pre-approved in order to offer a more personalised experience to users. Facebook is also throwing around the idea of a ‘location feature', which they earlier thought would be used to just add a location to something posted but now claim they've "got some different ideas that we think are even more exciting".

"In such instances, we would only introduce this feature with a small, select group of partners and we would also offer new controls," clarified Richter.

Though controls will give users the opportunity to opt-out of the features, many argue that all Facebook privacy settings should instead work in reverse and be opt-out by default.

"Facebook, a location based feature is a BAD idea. Hello... can you say opportunity for THIEVES to BREAK IN to your home when you aren't there if they check your facebook and find out you aren't home?!", commented one user Michael Entringer in reaction to the post online.

"I have a big problem in with FB sharing user account info with another site without my informed and express consent before hand. Even if it truly is an innocuous thing, it's sets a completely new precedent the expectation of privacy in a way no other site or company ever has before," wrote another user, Chris Duffy.