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Riyadh covered with WiMAX

Mobily broadband subscribers can use WiMAX modems anywhere in the city

Capital city is covered with WiMAX by Mobily.
Capital city is covered with WiMAX by Mobily.

The capital city of Saudi Arabia is now completely covered with WiMAX, Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) announced yesterday.

Mobily first introduced WiMAX for its broadband subscribers in September 2008, a few months after completing its acquisition of local company Bayanat Al-Oula that was licensed to offer WiMAX services in a deal reportedly worth SR 1.5 billion. Bayanat Al Oula is now considered the data arm of Mobily.

The announcement means that Mobily's broadband @subscribers can now use their Wimax modems anywhere Riyadh without the hassles of cables and surf the internet at speeds of up 2Mbps.

"Mobily is working on covering most of the kingdom's cities and regions with WiMax as per its technical plan," said Engineer Abdulaziz Altamami, Mobily's chief operating officer.