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SonicWall extends security offerings

New firewall and virtual appliances to increase SonicWall's security portfolio

SonicWall's new NSA E8500 includes application intelligence and IPS.
SonicWall's new NSA E8500 includes application intelligence and IPS.

SonicWall has expanded its security range, with the launch of a new firewall appliance, and a suite of virtual security appliances.

The additions to its security range are part of SonicWall's vision of dynamic security for the global network, according to the company, and will provide comprehensive security without impacting on application or network performance.

The new firewall, the Network Security Appliance (NSA) E8500 includes application intelligence and intrusion prevention systems, which provide high levels of security while allowing the administrator to set dynamic security policies for specific users, applications and content.

The virtual security appliances suite have been designed to provide the same security benefits, without the need for a dedicated appliance or server, so that companies can optimize their hardware and cut costs.

Both solutions will also access security information collected by the SonicWall GRID network, which gather threat information from a network of millions of endpoints, which is analysed by SonicWALL's Threat Centre, to create real-time intelligence on security risks.

Matt Medeiros, president and CEO, SonicWALL: "As technology has changed so too have the threats that look to exploit new vulnerabilities. The speed at which cybercriminals attack susceptible points in a network is staggering and while traditional security measures have been sufficient in the past, that is no longer the case. Our vision of Dynamic Security compels us to deliver solutions designed to remain one step ahead of the threats and, in some instances, repel the attacks before they happen."