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Clipsal brings 'Wiser' home technology to ME

Wiser Home Control integrates home technologies, while providing more intelligent energy controls

The Wiser Home system allows remote access and control of home technologies.
The Wiser Home system allows remote access and control of home technologies.

Clipsal has launched its Wiser Home Control system, which it says goes beyond current smart home technologies, in the Middle East.

The Wiser Home Control has been designed to seamlessly integrate a wide range of home technologies, and to give users easy control over systems such as multimedia, air conditioning, lighting, sprinkler systems, entry systems and security via 3G mobile phones or a web interface.

The system includes a home server, cabling and controls, and has been designed to be easily configured by the end user.

The technology is intended to be ‘wiser' than existing smart home solutions, according to Clipsal, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, in that it allows intelligent control over energy consumption. The system includes features such as optimized pre-sets for sustainable energy saving, monitoring and alerts on energy consumption, a consistent and intuitive user interface which encourages persistent efforts to maintain energy saving behaviour, and a scalable solution to match different design needs and eco-friendly practices.

"Schneider Electric a worldwide leader in energy management, with solutions that enable 30% energy savings without compromising on comfort, performance and reliability is committed to helping individuals and organizations make the most of their energy, and hence excited to bring Wiser Home Control to the market. We have seen tremendous interest from real estate developers, decorators and installers for a home control solution that can adapt to lifestyles and work practices, and at the same time, improve and reduce energy use," said Lalu Samuel, managing director, Clipsal Middle East.

"A user can use the mobile phone or computer to monitor if all is well at home when he or she is away and reset security systems if there are false alarms. Changes or adjustments can be easily made to the program over the Internet, thereby reducing the need and cost for technician intervention, and time spent waiting for a technician to arrive on site," Samuel added.