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Experts say 3D televisions will fuel tech industry growth

Intel CEO says 3D TVs are poised to be the next big thing for consumers

Samsung 3D televisions on display at CES 2010.
Samsung 3D televisions on display at CES 2010.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada: 3D television will be one of the key drivers of the technology industry over the next few years, and could help to lift it out of the recession-induced slump of last year according to two of the industry's senior figures.

Many of the world's leading electronics manufacturers have put their latest 3D television sets at the heart of their displays at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with 3D-enabled TVs forming the centre pieces of the stands of LG, Panasonic and Samsung.

The CEO of computer chip manufacturer Intel, Paul Otellini, said that 3D television could pick up where high definition has left off.

"3D is the next thing that's poised to explode in the home," Otellini said. "The good news for us in the hardware industry is that it will require a tone of computing," he told delegates during his key note speech yesterday.

Panasonic VP and chief technology officer Eisuke Tsuyuzaki underlined the importance of rolling out the latest viewing technology.

He said that one of the drivers behind 3D TV was the need for consumer electronics firms to increase sales.

Tsuyuzaki, speaking on the panel '3D Hope or Hype' here at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, said consumer electronic manufacturers were banking on the potential revenue opportunity represented by 3DTV.

"It's a challenging market," he told delegates. "We need something to kick us out of this and to me the thing that's going to get us there is 3D."

3D broadcasts are set to go mainstream this year, with ESPN and Bskyb both signing deals to broadcast in 3D, and the FIFA World Cup to be filmed in 3D.