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Sahara Net to push hosting services at GITEX

Leading ISP eager to showcase their range of connectivity and hosting solutions at event

Haitham Abu-Aisha, CEO of Sahara Net.
Haitham Abu-Aisha, CEO of Sahara Net.

Sahara Net, a leading provider of internet services in Saudi Arabia, is looking forward to showcasing their range of solutions at the upcoming GITEX Technology Week.

Established in 1989 as a small hobby Bulletin Board Service (BBS) to serve IT professionals in the Saudi Arabia, Sahara Net quickly grew to become the first company in the Kingdom to offer internet and e-mail services to the public in 1994 and has since expanded their portfolio to further establish their brand presence in the region.

"Sahara Net is a mutual effort between myself and my longtime partner Kais Al-Essa, a friend, a brother and a journey mate. It has been over 20 years since we established this name. The aims were very simple at that time and the vision was clear and set for a bright future. I believe, we still have long way to go. 20 years have passed with all the good and hard times. We can still dream about another 20 years of success," commented Sahara Net CEO Haitham Abu-Aisha.

The success Abu-Aisha talks about is evident. Today, Sahara Net is known as the most reliable ISP in the Kingdom and for delivering customised business-level internet connectivity solutions.

Their mission is to give every customer a successful solution regardless of market upheavals and pricing trends. "We do not charge our customers upon market supply and demand; we charge what is required for the service and hardware, to make an honest deal and build a mutual relationship," assured Sahara Net CEO Haitham Abu-Aisha.

"Our next step is to grow horizontally buy acquiring other ISP's with potential and vertically buy adding more value to our services," Abu-Aisha commented in terms of the company's plans for the future, which also includes exciting expansion plans. "Our new European partners hold majority of shares in Sahara Net and they have come from a telecom background with a very strong and long history. They have many ideas to be discussed in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I will not be able to disclose any further details at the moment. But all I could say is that we have something new and big for the market."

Commenting on the importance of exhibiting at GITEX Technology Week, Ahmad Ismael, marketing supervisor at Sahara Net, believes that: "It is very important to refresh our image in our potential clients minds and to update both of the exhibitors and the visitors with our developments." The company hopes to grow their image as the biggest Saudi IT solutions company by taking part in the regional IT exhibition.

Sahara Net will showcase services targeting both the local market with Connectivity, Security & Optimization solutions, and the international market with their Hosting ones. "Since the beginning, Sahara net was the biggest local hosting company in Saudi Arabia and we are proud to host thousands of the websites on our servers," Ismael added.

According to Ismael, Sahara Net is looking forward GITEX to "meet the maximum number of Saudi IT managers which they visit GITEX every year and exhibit our hosting service to all visitors and exhibitors worldwide."