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Arabic Twitter site surfaces

New service aims to make it easier for Twitter users to read Arabic messages from right to left

Screenshot of the ArTwitter.com homepage.
Screenshot of the ArTwitter.com homepage.

A team of local web developers have launched an ‘Arabic Twitter’ with the aim of making it easier to read and write Arabic messages.

A few Arabic-speaking Twitter users that itp.net spoke to questioned the authenticity of ArTwitter.com, which uses the original Twitter logo in reverse on their homepage, because it requires users to sign in with their Twitter account details in order to use the service.

In the FAQ section of the site, links to contributing team members are dubious as well – one directs users to a webpage with a ‘hacked’ message, while Google has identified another as a phishing site.

The team behind ArTwitter.com states that the website, which is still at an early stage, will improve as more people use the service and claims to not store passwords or other information users provide.