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Qtel unveils Customer Charter

Qtel announces first ever charter to spell out principles of commitment to serving customers

The charter is partly a reaction to customer feedback calling for better service, says Al Sayed.
The charter is partly a reaction to customer feedback calling for better service, says Al Sayed.

Qtel has announced its first ever Customer Charter, which is intended to lay out the operator’s commitments to it customers.

The Charter, which was developed based on customer research conducted in the country, aims to provide customers with commitments in seven key areas, including respect for customers; supporting customers’ right to privacy; providing improvements in customer service; and pledging to support the social development of Qatar.

The document is also intended to raise customer awareness of the complaint’s procedure.

The operator said that it will introduce an additional document some time in the next three months that will spell out clauses and penalties to regulate its service provision. The document will likely include set service levels or time limits for performance or delivery of services, such as installation of landlines, and will also spell out compensation metrics for failure to meet targets.

“Qtel has always tried to listen to our customers, and in 2008 we began the most significant piece of customer research in our company’s history. One area of feedback was very clear to us – people wanted to see improvements in the level of customer service,” said Waleed Al Sayed, executive director, Customer Services, Qtel.

“For this reason, Qtel has launched a series of major improvements and enhancements in recent months, to ensure that we deliver the best possible experience for all our customers. To support these efforts, we have launched our Customer Charter, which outlines our commitments to our customers clearly and transparently,” he added.

Al Sayed said that the Charter will be reviewed and amended on a regular basis, to ensure that it fits customer needs and helps the company to continue to improve standards.

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