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Survey reveals most airlines will adapt sites for cellphones by 2012

SITA trend report finds that 20% presently offer mobile phone check-in services for passengers

In a recent survey by air transport IT providers SITA, 78% of airlines around the world are planning to adapt their websites for use on mobile phones by 2012.

According to the 2009 Airline IT Trends Survey released, only 38% of respondent airlines do not provide any mobile services as they see no clear business case yet while a limited 20% currently offer mobile phone check-in services.

Reflecting this trend, SITA has formed a Mobile Workforce Innovation Focus Group to define industry requirements for a common-use context aware platform at airports. The platform is designed to support different mobile application scenarios, including passenger management, baggage processing, aircraft turnaround and operations, to boost efficiency.

“The biggest drawback of existing mobile solutions today is the difficulty of adapting them to meet the real-time needs of workers in the airport environment and the cost of deployment,” Greg Ouillon, SITA’s Vice President for Innovation, Technology and Research, stated. ““The key to success is contextual information, adapting information delivery dynamically, to completely transform airport business processes especially for key on-the-ground staff such as turnaround dispatch teams and maintenance engineers.”