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du launches credit transfer scheme

Customers of UAE telecom firm can now transfer up to AED200 a time free of charge to friends, family.

UAE telecom operator du has launched its new One2One service that allows customers to transfer credit to other users on the same network.

The service is available to all Pay as You Go and Visitor Mobile Line customers, who can transfer as minimum of AED2 to a maximum of AED200 per transaction.

The transfer is free of change if it comes from the ‘more time’ balance, but a 15 percent fee is applied if the transfer is from a ‘more credit’ balance.

Transfers can be done while roaming abroad and are valid “for life” the company said.

Farid Faraidooni, EVP commercial, du, said: “One2One is a simple, convenient service for du customers to transfer credit within their community of friends and family on du.”

Last week the company claimed it had the fastest broadband internet service in the Middle East after it increased its speed to 24 Mbps.

du is 39.5 percent owned by the UAE Federal Government, 19.75 percent by Mubadala Development Company, 19.5 percent by Emirates Communications & Technology Company LLC and the remaining stake by public shareholders.