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Dell launches deduplication portfolio

Dell increases data deduplication offerings with launch of new solutions and services

Dell has announced a new range of data deduplication services and solutions, to deliver on its policy of extending deduplication beyond simple backup services.

The new offerings including consultancy and design services, and a new version of Dell’s PowerVault DL2000 backup and recovery appliance.

According to the Dell, the company aims to integrate data deduplication into other solutions including near-primary, archive, file and object storage solutions and into a wider range of software, to make deduplication more efficient, to reduce network traffic and make management of data more simple.

The new version of the PowerVault DL2000, running CommVault Simpana 8.0 offers end-to-end block-based deduplication for backup, archive and replication with deduplication rations of 20:1, processing speeds of up to 1.5TB per hour during typical weekly backup and using 90% less tape storage.

Darren Thomas, vice president and general manager for Dell storage said: “Today’s dedupe solutions are predominantly purpose-built appliances. This will migrate into an integrated, software-based model, it’s the natural progression of technology features. They start off as dedicated devices and then migrate into the broader software stack.”

The launch also includes new services from Dell for data deduplication, primarily around consulting and design services. The services, which are available globally, include a storage simplification workshop, backup, recovery, archive assessment and backup/restore stabilisation, optimisation and deduplication design.

“Deduplication is an important answer to the specific problem of redundant data. But just adding dedupe is not a panacea. Dell believes you can use cost-effective services to determine the best utilisation of your storage and look at the challenge holistically. Without this, dedupe can be a quick fix at best and a waste of time at worst,” said Paul Kaeley, director, Dell Global Storage Services Practice.