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New Google tool hopes to increase Arabic content online

Google Translator Toolkit will provide users with an automatically translated Arabic language version of an English web page

Google has just released a new translation tool that allows people to create Arabic versions of English web pages easily.

The Google Translator Toolkit works by providing the user with an automatically translated version of an existing English page, which can then be edited for more accurate translation. It is integrated into Wikipedia as well as Knol - Google's platform for internet users to write articles on specific subject – making it easier to publish and share content.

The translations suggested by the Toolkit will improve over time, fueled by translators’ editing and refinements of the language. For more information, go to http://translate.google.com/toolkit.

"This product is a great way to bring our translation technology to bear on a problem we've been trying to help solve for a while now," said Michael Galvez, product manager for the Google Translator Toolkit. "Machine Translation is a powerful tool, but to provide really high-quality content, we needed to combine the scale and speed of this technology with a human touch. With this product we hope to provide a quick way to bring high quality web pages to Arabic."

Google has been focused on developing local content in the region over the last few months by working with Wikipedia contributors, professionals in Cairo and volunteers from Saudi Arabia's Effat University to bring more Wikipedia content into Arabic.

Effat volunteers, in particular, translated more than 100,000 words of Wikipedia articles into Arabic, which are now among the most widely searched articles throughout the Middle East.