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Apple reveals fastest iPhone yet

New iPhone 3GS will release in the US on June 19th and other countries in ‘coming weeks’

New iPhone 3GS expected to release in more than 80 countries in ‘coming weeks’.
New iPhone 3GS expected to release in more than 80 countries in ‘coming weeks’.

Apple has unveiled its fastest and most power-packed iPhone yet at the 2009 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday.

The iPhone 3GS comes with longer battery life, a 3 megapixel camera and video recorder, and hands free voice control.

Claiming to be twice as fast as the iPhone 3G, the 3GS comes with Apple’s much-touted iPhone OS 3.0 that boasts more than a hundred new features including landscape keyboard support and the ability to cut, copy and paste.

“iPhone 3G S is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet and we think people will love the incredible new features including autofocus camera, video recording and the freedom of voice control,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of WorldWide Product Marketing.

Apple’s latest iPhone offering will ship to several key markets such as the United States, United Kingdom and Canada on June 19th and "be available in more than 80 countries in the coming weeks," a company statement read, though Etisalat has so far not revealed when it plans to release the 3GS in the UAE.

Suggested retail prices for the 3GS in the US through a two year contract with AT&T include $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the new 32GB model.

Apple also announced that it has slashed the price of its iPhone 3G (8GB) from $199 to $99 in the hope that it will drive further uptake of the popular smartphone.

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