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IT networks taking fire

Vulnerability of IT infrastructure at an all time high, services company warns

The vulnerability of IT infrastructures is at an all-time high — that is the stark warning from Altaf Alimohamed, managing director of UAE-based IT services firm Media Solutions.

The rapid increase in mobility over the past few years has dramatically added to the potential threats that enterprise networks face. The proliferation of endpoints connecting to networks is exacerbating the problem.

“This type of network architecture makes centralised firewalls less effective,” explained Alimohamed. “One way to help overcome this issue is to install extra firewall functionality to endpoints and internal network access points.”

He goes on to assert that the strongest solution to the problem is blocking all potential threats at the gateway level, an opinion that is also held by security vendor and business partner of Media Solutions, SonicWall.

“The importance of pre-emptive security solutions is higher today than ever before,” said Manoj Karani, business development manager for the GCC region at SonicWall.

He emphasised the importance of enterprises deploying the strongest defence posture possible, which maintains minimal IT intervention.

“The minimum solution is three-pronged,” explained Karani. “All organisations, whatever the size or nature, need a security device at the perimeter of the network, in addition to the network security. Also, having a good anti-spam device is a wise investment. Last but not least, an efficient backup mechanism must be in place to manage crucial disaster recovery of data.”