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Intel invests further in Palestinian education

Broadens the Intel Teach program in collaboration with Ministry of Education in Palestine

Intel has further invested in Palestine’s education sector by expanding its World Ahead program in the region.

Together with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and the Ministry of Education in Palestine, the company has broadened its Intel Teach program. It helps teachers engage effectively with their students using a combination of technology and creativity. Intel has already trained a number of senior teachers who in turn will train 10,000 teachers in Palestine over the course of the next three years.

Earlier this year, Intel launched the Intel Learn program - a community based program that helps young students in developing countries to learn key skills, with a focus on technology literacy, problem solving and collaboration. The program was launched initially in Turkey and Egypt in 2005, and has already reached 150,000 pupils.

This is also the inaugural year for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) in Palestine, giving students from grades 9-12 the chance to compete with other young international inventors for a chance to win $4 million in awards and scholarships. For more information on the global science competition, please click here.