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Zain Bahrain to offer mobile entertainment

Mobile operator to offer its customers music and video downloads after forming partnership with entertainment giant

Zain is set to offer its subscribers in Bahrain a service to download music and films for as little as $1, via a new website called ‘Zain Create’.

The development came after Zain entered an exclusive partnership with digital entertainment giant Rotana Holding Group.

Zain will initially make Rotana’s content available via its network in Bahrain, with other countries in the Zain Group to follow “soon.”

Mohammed Zainalabedin, general manager, Zain Bahrain, said the deal will provide its customers with “a wide online window” through which they can enjoy the latest films and music from Arab musicians.

“Mobile phones are no longer devices for merely making and receiving calls, they are increasingly becoming a platform for expressing an entire modern lifestyle, be it for business or pleasure. With ‘Zain Create’, this partnership with Rotana will cater to the entertainment needs of our customers in Bahrain,” Zainalabedin said.

Customers in Bahrain will be able to download music as full tracks on their mobile phones or personal computers, either online at www.create.zain.com, or directly through an application on their handsets.

Customers can also watch Rotana TV channels live on their mobile phones and laptops, according to Zain.