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Twitter keen on partnership with Iraqi operators

Chairman meets with Zain and Asiacell execs to ensure micro-blogging service is accessible on local handsets

The founder and chairman of Twitter is eager to have more people ‘tweet’ in Iraq.

In a trip organised by the US State Department, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey met with local mobile operators in Baghdad to discuss partnership opportunities and ensure the micro-blogging service is available on local cellphones.

Aside from meeting representatives from Zain and Asiacell, Twitter is also looking at working with four other carriers in Iraq.

"The (mobile) carriers we talked to last night went from 300,000 subscriptions to 10 million in two years, so there is amazing potential," Dorsey said.

"We definitely have an intention to get it going here," he added. "I spoke to my business development person last night and said 'can we work with these people?'. We intend to do it."

Top executives from other American IT giants, including Google, AT&T and YouTube, were also involved in the landmark trip.