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New scam targets Etisalat net subscribers

Telco advises Etisalat Internet Mail (EIM) users not to respond to emails requesting them to change account passwords

Etisalat has been hit by another scam which, this time, threatens the privacy and security of its internet subscribers.

The company is advising all Etisalat Internet Mail (EIM) users to ignore ‘any unknown and unsolicited email’ after subscribers complained about receiving messages that asked them change account passwords, a WAM news agency report stated.

While it’s not immediately known if anyone has been duped so far, customers should be wary of messages that ask them to divulge any confidential information such as passwords, bank account details or PIN numbers. Additionally, avoid accessing links embedded in such emails and instead go directly to the Etisalat website to make any changes to your account profile.

Earlier this year Etisalat informed its customers of another scam where fraudsters, who posed as employees, rang up mobile subscribers to find out personal information by claiming they had won ‘cash prizes’. In a statement Etisalat confirmed the scam originated in Pakistan and that it was affecting countries across the world, not just the UAE.