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Google launches Lebanon domain

Lebanon domain for Google will give local users country specific search and better access to local languages

Google has announced on its Google Arabia Blog that they have setup their latest Google domain for Lebanon, www.google.com.lb.

According to Google Arabia, this brings the total number of Google domains worldwide to over 170 with eleven domains in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The other Google domains in the region include Egypt (www.google.com.eg), Saudi Arabia (www.google.com.sa), the United Arab Emirates (www.google.ae), Bahrain (www.google.com.bh), Kuwait (www.google.com.kw), Qatar (www.google.com.qa), Jordan (www.google.jo), Morocco (www.google.com.ma), Algeria (www.google.dz) and Libya (www.google.com.ly).

“For some time we've been working to provide Google homepages to as many of the world's recognized top-level domains as possible. Domains are a first step for Google to provide a more relevant and local experience for our users. When users access Google from their local domain, we are better able to understand what kind of location related content users want to see. Users can also restrict the Search to the local country pages as an option,” the Google Arabia team says on their blog.

“Up until recently, Arabic-speaking users in Lebanon have had to visit foreign domains (e.g. google.com.eg in Egypt) in order to search in Arabic. Going forward, Lebanese users will be able to access google.com.lb for their local Arabic search, with an option to access their local search in French, English and Armenian. These are small steps towards fostering a greater local web experience for our users around the world,” the blog post concludes.