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UAE to come down hard on Indian Dish TV dealers

Ministry of Economy orders crackdown on trade of illegal satellite receivers.

The UAE Ministry of Economy (MoE) will take strict legal action against dealers caught selling Dish TV satellite receiver units that are illegally imported from India.

The Ministry has issued a directive to concerned authorities, ordering them to clamp down on the trade of illegal set-top boxes as “it violates national copyright law by infringing on broadcasting rights”. Using the device, people in the UAE can access India’s direct-to-home entertainment service that includes more than 200 channels.

The directive comes after the Ministry led a series of raids against unauthorised Dish TV dealers in the region, which led to the arrest of violators in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and the confiscation of a number of units.

“Legitimate businesses such as E-Vision are greatly hurt by this kind of piracy. There is a wrong public impression that it is acceptable to acquire pirated entertainment because movie producers and studios profit a lot from them,” Scott Butler, CEO, Arabian Anti-piracy Alliance (AAA).

“That is why we are telling people to consider this issue from a different perspective: what if it was their own creative works that were being stolen, how would they react? The right to protect intellectual property is not only logical but a legal right as well; illegal pay TV is simply an unacceptable violation of IPR,” added Butler.