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Jacky's Electronics reports 30% jump in smartphone sales

UAE retailer Jacky's Electronics says that smartphone sales rose by 30% in Q109

UAE electronics retailer Jacky’s Electronics has reported a 30% rise in sales of smartphones in the first quarter of 2009.

The company says that the growing consumer demand is in part based on more cost effective data packages from operators and increasing functionality like full QWERTY keyboards, GPS and messaging.

Jimmy Patel, general manager of Jacky’s Electronics said: “The UAE’s Smartphone penetration rates have improved as a result of better and more affordable data packages offered by local telecom providers. Etisalat and du are offering various subscription plans that are cost-effective, convenient and include international roaming services to suit the needs of business executives wanting to access their emails anywhere in the world.

“We believe that the demand for Smartphones will be sustained despite the current economic turmoil as niche consumers are willing to spend on new technologies that make their life simple and easy. This year, we will continue to see mobile manufacturers aggressively introducing a wide range of sleek products with good features and competitive prices. This is being further supplemented by developers, such as Intel, designing mobile net devices for better function,” he added.

The most popular brands according to Jacky’s are BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia and Imate.