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STC selects EMC's new V-Max array

Saudi Telecom Company only Middle East pilot for new storage array designed to support virtualized data centres

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has been announced as the first regional adopted of EMC’s new Symmetrix V-MAX system.

The Symmetrix V-MAX system, the successor to EMC’s Symmetrix DMX system, is in use by the Saudi operator to manage over two petabytes of customer data for its eighteen million GSM customers, four million land line customers and one million DSL customers in the Kingdom.

Saud Al Daweesh, CEO of STC said: “With subscriber numbers on the increase and a healthy demand for new telecoms services in the Kingdom, STC has to ensure the availability, reliability, efficiency, scalability and security of its infrastructure. Over the past seven years, EMC solutions have provided us with reliable and cost-effective access to customer information, which is critical to STC’s continued success.”

STC is one of around 30 pilot customers for the new system, which was launched worldwide on Tuesday.

The Symmetrix V-MAX system has been designed to support virtualized data centres, with superior performance and reduced costs. EMC says the system offers more than three times the performance, twice the connectivity and three times more usable capacity than the Symmetrix DMX-4 system, and also uses less power per terabyte and IOP, in part thanks to using Intel’s Nehalem Quad Core processors.

The system also uses Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST), to automatically organize data and allocate it to different tiers of storage to maximize usage of different storage types.

Joe Tucci, chairman, president and CEO, EMC Corporation said: “EMC is committed to work with leading companies like STC in the design and building of efficient and scalable virtualized information infrastructures that help them achieve optimal utilization and value from their investments. With its adoption of the new EMC Symmetrix V-MAX system, the world’s largest high end storage array, STC will have a flexible, dynamic and energy-efficient information infrastructure that enables it to achieve its targeted quality of services and to deliver value to their customers.”

EMC’s Symmetrix systems boast considerable market share in the region according to the company, with more than 50% of the region’s leading financial institutions and more than 70% of telecoms operators using them for data.