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Itqan and SumTotal show talent development

Integrated talent development solutions to help Gulf business to improve human resources

Systems integrator Itqan has partnered with SumTotal Systems Inc to bring its talent development solutions to the Middle East.

The Talent Development Suite includes learning management and performance and compensation management to help employees develop their skills and track their performance, and sustain it with performance related rewards.

Qaisar Radwan, Application Information Systems Manager at Itqan, said: “Considering the highly competitive nature of this market, coupled with end-users’ constant search for the best of the best, organizations need a streamlined tool now more than ever to sharpen and improve employees’ skills. SumTotal’s solutions allow you to achieve that with great ease and efficiency.”

Itqan intends to integrate the SumTotal Talent Development Suite with it’s own eKawader HR and payroll solution, which will allow companies to integrate talent and performance systems with HR processes, while remaining compliant with UAE and GCC labour laws.

The two companies held an event today in Abu Dhabi to launch the event, and to introduce the concept of talent development systems to HR professionals in the Middle East.

“SumTotal Systems undoubtedly provides the best of breed solution in the market, which is tailor-made for talent development and e-learning. ITQAN as a leading systems’ integrator is always keen on expanding its horizontal software applications to respond to unmet needs in the market,” said Feras Al-Jabi, general manager, Itqan.