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New workload optimisation suite from Double-Take

Software firm delivers suite to assist workflow needs

Double-Take software has announced a new workload optimisation suite designed to meet customers’ workload portability, backup and availability needs.

This suite is made up of four distinct solutions; Double-Take Move, Double-Take Flex, Double-Take Backup and Double-Take Availability.

“We’re aligning our business to best meet our customers’ evolving technology needs. Our new workload optimisation suite exemplifies Double-Take Software’s focus on providing highly functional, non-intrusive software to an overloaded IT department looking to reduce costs,” said Dean Goodermote, CEO at Double-Take Software.

According to the company the suite’s key capabilities include workload portability which allows workloads to be moved between any combination of physical and virtual hardware within datacentres for hardware refreshes, or across locations for datacentre migrations and consolidations.

It also includes workload Backup, availability and flexibility. Double-Take Flex is designed to easily manage any workload by booting it from iSCSI SANs, regardless of the hardware involved.

The new Double-Take Move and Double-Take Flex products are currently available.