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CRM vendors to take to the cloud

Datamonitor forecasts vendors will begin addressing demands for social networking soon

More customer relationship management (CRM) vendors are expected to begin integration with social networking websites soon, market analyst firm Datamonitor predicts.

US-based Salesforce.com was the first to add Twitter to its ‘service cloud’ solution recently, adding to its existing integration with Google and Facebook, which uses forums and search engines for customer feedback.

According to TweetRush, a service providing estimated statistics on Twitter usage, in early February Twitter had around 400,000 active users every day. This figure rose to over 600,000 active users on average per day by the end of March. Additionally, Facebook now boasts a massive 175 million active users.

Both Oracle and SAP are now considering its merits - Oracle is offering the option for enterprises to publish information from CRM OnDemand directly to Twitter, and SAP demonstrated Twitter monitoring as part of its Business Suite 7.

Unified communications and telephony vendors are also likely to form relationships, with Avaya having just announced integration with Facebook for its new Aura platform.

Datamonitor expects more announcements of integration with social networks from both CRM and analytics vendors, but advises that there needs to be an element of innovation involved “rather than jumping on the bandwagon”.