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Disruptions warning amid Qatar internet upgrade

Qtel says improvements will result in better speed, reliability and penetration of service.

Internet users in Qatar have been warned to expect disruptions to their internet service as telecommunications service provider Qtel upgrades its national internet network.

Speed, reliability and penetration will improve as a result of the upgrade which will involve the deployment of a range of new technologies, the firm said in a release on Monday.

Physical and technical improvements will also be made to the network of cables and hubs that support the internet in Qatar.

The upgrade process, which will begin on Wednesday, will take place during off-peak hours and disruption will only last for 30 minutes at most, it said.

Adel Al Mutawa, executive director, group communications, Qtel, said the upgrade would result in a “transformed” internet experience for the people of Qatar.

The upgrade process should be completed by the end of April, the firm said.  New Qtel products and services will be announced following the work.