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Qtel, Vodafone link goes live in Qatar

Customers of both telecoms companies can now contact each other after interconnection is switched on.

A new era has been signalled in the telecommunications industry in Qatar following the link up of the Qtel and Vodafone Qatar networks.

Qtel customers can now call Vodafone Qatar customers, after the interconnection went live on Tuesday.

With the agreement now in force, voice and data traffic can flow across the two independent competitive networks, linking people on Qtel’s fixed and mobile networks – and the Vodafone Qatar mobile network.

The retail rate to call Vodafone Qatar customers from a Qtel phone will be 55 Qatari dirhams per minute.

Adel Al Mutawa, executive director, Group Communications, Qtel, said: “This is an exciting day for customers across Qatar, as they can now fully experience the realities of having two competitive telecom providers, and ensure that they stay connected with friends and family, whichever operator they elect to use.

“We have always welcomed competition in this market, and have been preparing for this day for more than five years."