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World’s cheapest XP netbook now in UAE

Carapelli Computers is accepting regional orders for Impulse TNX-9500 at less than AED 700

Chinese-based Carapelli Computers Limited has released what it claims is the world’s cheapest netbook running Windows XP.

The same company released the world’s smallest and cheapest laptop NPX-9000 at $129 (AED 473) for minimum orders of 100 units in August last year.

Following in the footsteps of that model, the Impulse TNX-9500 costs just $165 (AED 606) with Linux OS and $189 (AED 694) for an original Windows XP licence on minimum orders of 1,000 units.

Weighing just 725 grams, the netbook comes with 1 GHz SOC CPU (x86 Architecture), a 7” LCD screen with 800x480 resolution, 512 MB of DDR-II memory and built-in WiFi capabilities. It will be available in five colours – lime green, amber, red, indigo and black, with the ability to print any language on the keyboard keys for added customization.

Here's a video on the performance and usability of the netbook:


Yogesh R. Panjabi, director of Carapelli Computers, has revealed that the device will “be in mass production in just a matter of weeks” with delivery scheduled according to demand.

For further information on the netbook and to place orders, please visit - www.impulseglobal.com