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UAE rolls out datawarehouse to enhance higher education

SunGard datawarehouse will help Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to improve education in UAE

The UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) has deployed a datawarehouse solution from SunGard to analyse education trends and statistics in the Emirates.

The SunGard solution, which has been rolled out for the Department of Higher Education Policy Planning and Coordination (HEPPC) will collate data from three higher education establishments in the UAE, which will be used to study higher education delivery and how it can be improved for the benefit of Emiratis.

Subha Al Shamisi, Executive Director for Higher Education and Scientific Research Affairs, commented: “A highly skilled workforce is essential for the social and economic future of the UAE, and we must ensure a quality education for the next generation of Emiratis so they can lead the nation forward.

“We therefore sought an IT partner with knowledge and expertise in higher education to help us build our higher education to world class standards, and SunGard Higher Education has the reputation for delivering the best solutions,” he added.

The datawarehouse will gather data from the UAE University, Zayed University and the Higher Colleges of Technology, all of which are already using SunGard higher education solutions, from the Ministry and from other federal and non-federal government organizations. The information will include data on student admissions, admissions and performance.

The solution also includes business intelligence through SunGard Banner Operational Data Store, that provides operational and ad hoc reports on operational data, and SunGard Banner EDW which enables access and analysis of historical data.

In future stages of the project, the system will aim to include analysis of student progress and attrition, scholarships, curriculum analysis, course grade analysis, staff data, enrollment forecasting, financial data and library data.

Mathew Boice, general manager, Middle East, SunGard Higher Education, said: “The way data is organized and used is crucial for successful reporting, strategic planning and decision making. The Banner Performance Reporting and Analytics solutions from SunGard Higher Education will deliver one comprehensive environment to help support the use of data by all stakeholders in the UAE higher education space.”