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Trend Micro banks on beating the odds

Security vendor Trend Micro has announced plans to continue investing in growth in the MENA region

Trend Micro is going against the grain and planning for growth in the MENA region; with staff numbers already up by 50% compared to midway through last year. The new employees have gone to the company’s offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with an even split between sales and technical staff.

“Our direct competitors are actively laying-off staff – they are doing that because they are planning for shrinkage,” said Chris Moore, regional managing director, Trend Micro MENA.

“If you plan for shrinkage you don’t get growth, if you plan for growth you might not, but if you plan for shrinkage you don’t by accident get growth. For sure we are going to out-gun our competitors this year,” added Moore.

The last six months have seen a number of changes at Trend Micro MENA, with long-term managing director Justin Doo moving on to Sphere Networks and several employees jumping ship with him. Moore was signed on as the new managing director in January and is looking for new opportunities in the region to boost growth.

“We already do business in every country; though there are some countries where we don't do much. In those countries we are going to put more time and effort into recruiting channel partners of the right style for each of the sectors in which we do business,” said Moore.