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Microsoft settles out of court with resellers

Two UAE resellers caught selling pirated Microsoft software agree to promote genuine products

Microsoft has announced that it has reached out-of-court civil settlements with two UAE resellers that were caught selling pirated software.

The two resellers, A4M General Trading and Al Istath Computers, have undertaken to not sell counterfeit software in future and “actively drive awareness about the benefits of using original software” according to a statement released by Microsoft.

The two were caught in raids carried out by law enforcement in October 2008.

Dale Waterman, Microsoft’s corporate attorney for anti piracy in the Middle East and Africa, commented: “Pirated or counterfeit software has an enormous impact upon the software industry. Piracy hurts our honest channel partners who are just trying to earn a living.

“Partners who must compete with pirates lose more than software revenue; they lose system sales and the opportunity to service those customers over the years. Microsoft is therefore determined to protect its customer, reseller and partner ecosystem from the threat and losses associated with piracy, and to prevent unscrupulous resellers from taking advantage of innocent consumers and gaining an unfair advantage over our honest partners.” he added.