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Bahraini students get laptops bundled with WiMAX

Mena Telecom launches initiative aimed exclusively at students in the country

A new offer from Mena Telecom will see students in Bahrain get a laptop with with every purchase of a WiMAX broadband package.

The offer was set up to “help promote a knowledge-based environment and improve students’ quality of learning”, the telecommunication provider in Bahrain stated.

Additionally, student customers will be able to choose from a variety of payment instalment plans offered by Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain (KFH), Mena Telecom’s financing partner.

Students can choose from connection speeds of up to 4Mbits, with BD 19 being the lowest monthly rate available for the broadband and laptop offer.

"Our efforts are channelled to provide laptops at an affordable price, aimed at students of schools and universities, in a way that would offer a good deal for the students and ease their way along the educational path,” commented Abdul Razak Jawahery, executive manager of KFH.