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Abu Dhabi Police Force to step up surveillance

Selects wireless mobile video system from Motorola for its vehicles and personnel

Motorola has been awarded a contract to arm the Abu Dhabi Police Force with its latest wireless surveillance solution.

The capital’s police vehicles and personnel will now adopt Motorola's wireless mobile video surveillance solution that delivers real time video streaming to control room operators.

The videos will be made available to the five command and control centres throughout the Abu Dhabi and Mussafah area, which means that the Force will be able to respond to situations as they happen.

Aside from live streaming, the system can also record high resolution video, which can be used in further investigations and presented as evidence in court. Additionally, it can integrate existing applications used by the Abu Dhabi police such as fixed camera installations, facial recognition, automated number plate recognition and speed tracking of vehicles.

The solution will delivered by Motorola through their authorised UAE distributor - Safeer Integrated Systems

Motorola also revealed that the UAE National ID, electronic passports and fingerprint reading capabilities will be added in the future.