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Symantec launches Endpoint Virtualization Suite in ME

Solutions can be used to manage workspace elements in traditional and virtual computing environments

Symantec has just announced the launch of its Endpoint Virtualization Suite in the Middle East.

Designed to improve end-user productivity and lower costs, the suite allows applications and other workspace components to be delivered to any endpoint. It can be used in traditional, virtual and even mixed computing models.

“Endpoint virtualization allows us to put end-user productivity at the center of the IT process,” said Kevin Isaac, Symantec regional director of MENA. “By decoupling the user experience from the computing environment, we help make users immediately productive over the full range of endpoint technologies, thus allowing businesses to make the best use of their existing resources and reduce IT costs.”

Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Suite, which will be available in the region next month, blends several products including Workspace Streaming, Workspace Virtualization, Workspace Corporate and Workspace Remote.