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Abu Dhabi rolls out eCitizen programme

ICDL programme prepares and trains candidates to use various online services

The ICDL GCC Foundation has implemented the eCitizen programme that prepares the public to use online services.

Implemented in collaboration with the UAE Academy, the first batch of 2,500 candidates are presently undergoing sessions in Abu Dhabi. Candidates have been selected from different social groups, particularly women, retirees and job seekers.

“In today’s challenging economic times, organizations as well as individuals must exert every effort to become more efficient and productive by applying information communications technology in their day-to-day transactions. We have introduced the e-Citizen digital awareness program as an initiative to boost computer and Internet literacy among the general public and maximize the utilization of the numerous services already available online,” said Jamil Ezzo, director general, ICDL GCC Foundation.

The UAE Academy will provide training in three parts according to the eCitizen syllabus - Foundation Skills, Information Search and e-Participation Block. After successfully passing a comprehensive test, candidates will be awarded an international certificate and a smart card definition, which contains record of a private code.

ICDL GCC hopes that successful graduates will be employed at both national and regional levels.