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M-visa service goes live in the UAE

Allows entry permit details to be read directly from a visitor’s mobile phone

The Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD) has gone live with its Mobile Visa (M-visa) electronic service that allows people to enter the country using their mobile phone.

The service makes use of email and text messages to notify visitors about their visa application status.

Once a visa is issued, an email containing the original e-visa document as a PDF file is sent to the successful applicant. Officials assure that the file will be secured to prevent any ‘tampering’ of details.

Customers will also receive an SMS notification containing the same barcode printed on the original visa in a 2D format, as well as other key information about the visitor and the sponsor. The UAE-based sponsor will also receive a notification simultaneously.

Barcode scanners, which have been installed at DNRD checkpoints, then read entry permit details directly off a visitor’s mobile phone.

The M-visa service, which went live earlier this week, will also give visitors the option of tracking their applications online and to request emails and SMS notifications be resent if desired.

Customers need to pay for the service when applying for entry permits at DNRD offices or online through the official website - www.ednrd.ae

DNRD revealed that nearly 60% of its services are now online offerings and are pushing for 90% by the end of the year.