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LogLogic offer integrated solutions

Management solutions provider launches new product suite

Log management major LogLogic has launched its newest applications designed to provide an integrated solution for compliance management, security event management and database active monitoring.

The product suite is, according to the company, the log management industry’s first integrated solution and is designed to automate security and compliance processes by re-using an organisations log data. “Now customers can lower operating costs and expect a return on investment in under six months simply by getting more actionable intelligence from the log data they already collect,” said Dominique Levin, executive vice president of marketing and strategy, LogLogic.

“Built on the foundation of the LogLogic open log management platform, our new business applications unleash the power of logs while working together to deliver better compliance and information protection,” said Dominique Levin, executive vice president of Marketing and Strategy, LogLogic.

The suite includes the LogLogic Compliance Manager, Security Event Manager and Database Security Manager. Compliance manager is designed to help CIOs and IT managers stay on track for meeting complex goals on time by translating compliance-speak into plain language, mapping compliance reports to specific regulatory control objectives while also automating the business process associated with compliance review.

Security Event Manager performs complex event correlation, threat detection and security incident management workflow for security intelligence across a department or an entire enterprise.

Database Security Manager has been earmarked to help IT organisations to monitor privileged user activities and protect data stored within database systems. It does so by providing granular policy-based detection, integrated prevention, and real-time virtual patch capabilities via its unique host-based sensor technology.