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Bahrain regulator relaunches wireless licence bids

TRA has to rerun auction after firms fail to comply with tender rules.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in Bahrain has announced it has relaunched the auction process to win the licence to provide vital wireless frequencies in the country.

Two bids received in December 2008 were non-compliant with the auction rules, forcing the TRA to rerun the process.

The TRA is inviting submissions of bids to acquire the GSM guard band frequencies which allow important niche services such as home delivery services, telemetry services for fleet vehicles, public utilities and wireless security to be provided.

Mr Alan Horne, TRA's general director said: "The rejection of bids for non-compliance reasons illustrates the importance of paying attention to the details of the requirements as outlined in the invitation to tender and this should be an important lesson for any company that plans to enter this auction process."

According to the timetable for the auction process, set out in the invitation to tender document, companies have until April 23 to submit bids and the winner is due to be announced by the end of May.