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Comium Data wins Rwandan broadband licence

Comium Data plans to roll out WiMAX network in Rwanda after winning wireless broadband licence

Comium Data, the ISP arm of Lebanese telecom services company Comium Holding Group, has won a licence to provide wireless broadband internet services in Rwanda.

Comium Data, which said it intends to become “the leading operator” in Africa’s broadband sector, will roll out its network using WiMAX technology.

Tony Ghattas, chief operating officer, Comium Data, is optimistic about Rwanda’s potential, not least because internet penetration remains low in the country, with about 150,000 users, representing 1.5% of the population, according to figures from the International Telecommunication Union.

“We believe that Comium Data will be able to offer services that truly enrich people’s lives as well as making major economic contribution to the country through enabling better and more sophisticated communications,” Ghattas said.

The company, which was selected by the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency, now has 11 internet licences throughout East and West Africa, and Lebanon.

The sector is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, with Rwanda’s government set to invest heavily in ICT infrastructure as part of its ‘2020 vision framework’.