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4 billion mobile connections now live worldwide

GSMA states developing markets like India are central to mobile industry growth

Industry association GSMA has revealed that the number of mobile phone connections worldwide has now passed four billion, with that figure expected to swell to 6 billion by 2013.

Integration of mobile into previously unconnected devices along with subscriber swell in emerging countries has been credited as the main reasons for the growth.

In fact, the developing world is central to mobile industry growth with countries like India adding 10 million new mobile connections every month and many accessing the web, email and banking primarily through mobile devices.

It is important to note that four billion mobile connections doesn’t accurately represent the total number of users - one person might have two mobile phones, or a phone and another mobile data device, which would both be considered as effectively two connections.

The GSMA is also predicting an increase in the uptake of mobile broadband, which refers to mobile data connections using the HSPA standard and presently accounts for nearly 100 million of the four billion mobile connections.